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What is balance?
a) A feeling of stability or equilibrium in an artwork
b) A feeling of motion in an artwork
c) The distribution of elements in an artwork
d) The feeling expressed in an artwork

What does proportion mean?
a) The path the eye follows in an artwork
b) The way the space is used in an artwork
c) The overall size of an artwork
d) The relative size of a part to a whole or one object to another

Repetition in artwork is
a) sense of scale in an artwork
b) using an element over and over again
c) overall pattern and texture
d) a feeling of stability in an artwork

Pattern means
a) repeating elements in a random way
b) surface quality of an artwork
c) repeating elements in a particular order
d) creating a sense of style in an artwork

What does movement mean?
a) The placement of objects on the picture plane
b) A feeling of balance in an artwork
c) Repeating an element in an artwork
d) A sense of motion in an artwork

Unity in an artwork means
a) a feeling of wholeness or completeness
b) a feeling of motion
c) a feeling of stability or equilibrium
d) a feeling of instability

Which of the following statements is NOT true of variety?
a) It is often used to break up unity in an artwork.
b) It has to be used in pattern.
c) It is sometimes used to add interest to an artwork.
d) It means creating differences in a repeated element.

What is rhythm?
a) Creating balance in an artwork
b) Adding interest to an artwork
c) Creating movement throughout an artwork
d) Mimicking sound in an artwork

What does emphasis mean?
a) Making one element stand out from the rest
b) Making one part bigger than the rest
c) Enclosing space in an artwork
d) Creating a sense of space in an artwork

Which of the following is NOT a type of balance?
a) symmetrical
b) asymmetrical
c) transient
d) radial

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