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Letting God have control of my attitudes and actions. Opposite: Doing what I want, when I want, how I want.
a) Self-Control
b) Humility
c) Courtesy
d) Wisdom

Perfectly accurate and correct. Judging without error. Opposite: Unfair, able to make mistakes.
a) Justice
b) Wisdom
c) Self-Control
d) Wisdom

Paying close attention to what God is saying to me. Opposite: Ignoring God.
a) Attentiveness
b) Wisdom
c) Patience
d) Responsibility

Realizing that all my abilities and everything I have comes from God. (Not thinking we are better than God or anyone else.) Opposite: Pride
a) Humility
b) Courtesy
c) Tenderhearted
d) Encouragement

Allowing God to work through me to meet the needs of others. Opposite: Doing things only for my own benefit.
a) Service
b) Tenderhearted
c) Encouragement
d) Patience

Being sensitive to the needs and comforts of others. Opposite: Rude.
a) Courtesy
b) Service
c) Loyalty
d) Encouragement

Feeling the hurts of others and trying to help. Opposite: Uncaring.
a) Tenderhearted
b) Courtesy
c) Service
d) Encouragement

Building up one another. Opposite: Making fun of others, ridiculing others.
a) Encouragement
b) Service
c) Attentiveness
d) Tenderhearted

Applying knowledge from God's point of view. The ability to see things as they really are. Opposite: Foolish, silly.
a) Wisdom
b) Justice
c) Self-Control
d) Obedience

Waiting upon the Lord with a joyful spirit. Opposite: Lack of trust.
a) Patience
b) Contentment
c) Attentiveness
d) Faith

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