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Treating someone as though he had done no wrong. (Excusing someone for a sin committed against you.) Opposite: Wanting to "get even." (Holding a grudge.)
a) Forgiveness
b) Loyalty
c) Love
d) Tenderhearted

Showing appreciation to God and others for what they have done for me. Opposite: Forgetting to say "Thank you."
a) Thankfulness
b) Responsibility
c) Wisdom
d) Meekness

Accepting whatever God brings into my life quietly and humbly. Opposite: Pride, anger.
a) Meekness
b) Worship
c) Contentment
d) Wisdom

Completing every task I am given in the right time. Opposite: Not trustworthy, lazy.
a) Responsibility
b) Loyalty
c) Wisdom
d) Encouragement

Being true to someone or something no matter what happens. Opposite: Unfaithfulness.
a) Loyalty
b) Responsibility
c) Wisdom
d) Love

Willing to stand up for what is right. Opposite: Fear.
a) Courage
b) Loyalty
c) Worship
d) Wisdom

To be satisfied in my present circumstances, trusting the Lord to change things in His time. Opposite: Frustrated, dissatisfied.
a) Contentment
b) Patience
c) Faith
d) Wisdom

Waiting upon the Lord with a joyful spirit. Opposite: Lack of trust.
a) Patience
b) Contentment
c) Courage
d) Faith

Applying knowledge from God's point of view. The ability to see things as they really are. Opposite: Foolish, silly.
a) Wisdom
b) Faith
c) Contentment
d) Worship

Building up one another. Opposite: Making fun of others, ridiculing others.
a) Encouragement
b) Patience
c) Loyalty
d) Godliness

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