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The total magnification of a light microscope with an eyepiece magnification of 10X and an objective lens set on 40X is -
a) 50X
b) 400X
c) 410X
d) 4000X

Why do students place cover slips over slides ?
a) prevent the formation of air bubbles
b) prevent the organism from moving
c) increase the magnification
d) prevent the slide from breaking

Which unit represents a measure of liquid volume?
a) Milliliter
b) Gram
c) Gram/cm³
d) Millimeter

A belief based upon prior knowledge or experience is a/an -
a) observation
b) inference
c) wild guess
d) prediction

A student wants to determinme if sugar substitutes will have an effect on the fermentation process when making bread. What's the dependent variable in such an experiment?
a) time it takes to perform the experiment
b) height of the bread
c) type of sugar used
d) temperature of the oven

Tables, diagrams, and graphs are used by scientists primarily to -
a) recognize the dependent variables.
b) organize and manage data.
c) test the hypothesis.
d) design a research plan for an experiment.

Which of the following is always graphed on the y (vertical) axis?
a) the controlled variable
b) independent variable
c) dependent variable
d) numbers

Which is organelle of the cell stores DNA
a) cytoplasm
b) vacuoles
c) nucleous

Jenny put four squares of paper towel and soaked each in different soap. She wanted to see the effectiveness of antibacterial soap. What can she do to improve her experiment?
a) use larger petri dishes
b) use the same size squares of paper towl for each of the different soaps
c) use only one type of soap
d) decrease the time the paper towl was allowed to sit in the soap and bacteria.

What is the best way to justify a hypothesis?
a) use scientific literature
b) repeated trials
c) write a research proposal
d) by choosing the correct experimental methodology

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