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The study of matter and energy is
a) Physics
b) Chemistry
c) Botany
d) Geology

Geology is the study of
a) rocks and minerals
b) planets
c) geography
d) livingthings

Meteorology is the study of
a) weather
b) meteors
c) planets
d) stars

The study of planets and stars is known as
a) Astronomy
b) Astrology
c) biology
d) planetology

The study of living things in their environment is
a) ecology
b) chemistry
c) botany
d) microbiology

Zoology is the study of
a) animals
b) the zoo
c) plants
d) space

When you study DNA you are most likely studying
a) genetics
b) germs
c) anatomy
d) ecology

Anatomy is the study of
a) parts of the human body
b) the atom
c) ants
d) animals

The study of microscopic living things is called
a) microbiology
b) biology
c) anatomy
d) genetic

The field of science that deals with chemicals is
a) chemistry
b) biology
c) botany
d) zoology

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