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Which of the following margins can you customize in a document?
a) Top and Bottom
b) You cannot customize margins in a document.
c) Top, Bottom, Right and Left
d) Right and Left

When you change the vertical alignment of text, you change the position of text between:
a) two sentences
b) the top and bottom margins
c) the left and right margins
d) all margins

The small rectangle marker below the two triangle markers at the left edge of the ruler indicates the:
a) left indent marker
b) decrease indent marker
c) hanging indent marker
d) first-line indent marker

Text can be aligned using all the follwing types of tab stops except:
a) decimal
b) justified
c) center
d) right

In Outline View, which button do you click to move an item up to a higher level?
a) Plus
b) Expand
c) Demote
d) Promote

The blank areas around the top, bottom, and sides of a page are the?
a) Status Area
b) Blank space
c) Control setting
d) Margins

A ________________ indents the lines that follow the first full line of text?
a) decrease
b) right
c) hanging
d) first-line

The position of text between the margins is called the __________________?
a) left-align
b) justify
c) alignment
d) center

_______________ mark where the insertion point will stop when you press Tab?
a) Tabs/Tab Stop
b) alignment
c) indent
d) hanging

In _______________ view, you can type topic headings and subheadings for a document.
a) print layout
b) headings
c) multilevel
d) outline

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