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Asking a question, forming a hypothesis, conducting an experiment, analyzing data and drawing conclusions are all part of a step-by-step procedure called
a) a. Logic
b) d. Scientific method
c) c. Metric system
d) b. Order of operations

The variable that is NOT changed by the scientists is known as the
a) a. Independent variable
b) d. Disappearing variable
c) c. Control variable
d) b. Dependent variable

The conclusion of an experiment is the
a) a. Summary of the experiment
b) d. Question to be solved
c) c. Prediction
d) b. Data analysis

Ms. Wood wants to test which plant food helps her daisy grow best. The independent variable in the experiment would be the
a) a. Soil
b) d. Plant growth
c) c. Plant food
d) b. Amount of water

To measure the distance from Ms. Wood’s room to the cafeteria, you would use a
a) a. Thermometer
b) d. Meter stick
c) c. Graduated cylinder
d) b. Triple beam balance

In the metric system, the prefix that changes a base unit value by 1000 is
a) a. Milli-
b) d. Centi-
c) c. Hecta-
d) b. Kilo-

The volume of soda in a soda bottle could be measured in
a) a. Milliliters
b) d. Centimeters
c) c. Degrees Celsius
d) b. Grams

A rule that describes a patter in nature is a
a) a. Non-scientific theory
b) d. Question
c) c. Scientific law
d) b. Conclusion

When a hypothesis is tested over and over resulting in same conclusion, a hypothesis may become a
a) a. Procedure
b) d. Common law
c) c. Scientific Method
d) b. Scientific theory

245 mm = _____________ m
a) 24.5 m
b) 2.45 m
c) 2450 m
d) 0.245 m

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