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A seed plant that reproduces with cones is called
a) conifer
b) germinates
c) seed dispersal
d) seedling

The movement of pollen from a stamen to a pistil or from a male cone to a female cone is called
a) pollination
b) inherited
c) germination
d) fertilization

When a sperm and an egg cell join, it is called
a) fertilization
b) inherited
c) germination
d) pollination

When the seeds of a plant are carried to a new place, it is called
a) seed dispersal
b) fertilization
c) pollination
d) germination

This is all the stages a living thing goes through as it grows and reproduces.
a) life cycle
b) fertilization
c) germination
d) seed dispersal

. Characteristics that are ______________________________ have been passed from parents to their offspring.
a) inherited
b) pistil
c) ovary
d) life cycle

A young plant is called a _________________________________.
a) seedling
b) pistil
c) life cycle
d) seed dispersal

This is the female part of the flower.
a) pistil
b) petals
c) seedling
d) stamen

This part of a flower helps attract insects and other animals, as well as protect the flower bud.
a) petals
b) ovary
c) pistil
d) stamen

The male part of the flower is the _______________________________.
a) stamen
b) petals
c) ovary
d) pistil

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