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A struggle between a character and an outside force is called an
a) Internal Conflict
b) External Conflict
c) Exposition
d) Resolution

An emotional or mental struggle a character faces is called an
a) Internal Conflict
b) External Conflict
c) Introduction
d) Exposition

A sea captain attempting to lead his boat to shore during an intense storm would be an example of what type of conflict?
a) Ferocity
b) Linger
c) External
d) Internal

A girl strongly disagrees with her friends about a situation, but she really wants her friends to like her. This would be an example of what type of conflict?
a) Internal
b) External
c) Man vs. Nature
d) Man vs. Machine

______________________is the time and place a story takes place.
a) Deconstruct
b) Setting
c) Plot
d) Media Literacy

Plot is the
a) order of events in a story.
b) lingering in a classroom.
c) struggle between an opposing character.
d) characters ferocity.

The _____________________provides background information to clarify events in the story.
a) Resolution
b) Climax
c) Falling Action
d) Exposition

Which of these would be an example of exposition?
a) Victor took French as his elective. The author tells us he already knew Spanish and English.
b) Victor pleads to Mr. Bueller with his eyes not to inform Teresa he doesnt know French.
c) Victor decides seventh grade is going to be a great year.
d) Teresa does not realize Victor does not really know French.

The climax of the story is
a) the background information presented by the author.
b) the highest point of interest in the story.
c) ties up the loose ends of the story.
d) introduces the characters and setting of the story.

Victor is relieved to find out Theresa believes he really does speak French.This happens in the
a) falling action
b) exposition
c) conflict
d) introduction

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