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What two components are part of a scientific notation expression?
a) A number between 0 and 10 and by a power of 10
b) A number between 1 and 10 and another number with an exponent
c) A number between 1 and 10 and a power of 10
d) Any number and by a power of 10

Which of the following is correctly written in scientific notation?
a) 12 x 10*2
b) .12 x 10*2
c) 1.2 x 10*2
d) 12 x 2*2

Evaluate this expression: 2.48 x 10*-3
a) 2,480
b) 248,000
c) .000248
d) .00248

Evaluate: (3)(10*2) x (5)(10*2)
a) 4,500
b) 150,000
c) 450,000
d) 4, 500,000

When would you use scientific notation?
a) When dealing with very large numbers
b) When dealing with very small numbers
c) Both 1 & 2
d) Neither 1 nor 2

Which number would most likely be used to describe the distance of an object in space from Earth?
a) 3.5 x 10*-33
b) 3.5 x 10*33
c) 3.5 x 10*3
d) 3.5 x 10*-10

How would you write the number 7,891,100 in scientific notation?
a) 78,911 x 10*2
b) 78 x 10*5
c) 7 x 10*6
d) 7.8911 x 10*6

How would you write 0.0089 in scientific notation?
a) 8.9 x 10*3
b) 8.9 x 10*-3
c) 8.9 x 10*-2
d) .89 x 10*-2

How is scientific notation different from exponents?
a) Scientific notation uses only powers of ten.
b) Scientific notation and exponents are exactly the same.
c) Scientific notation is only used by scientists.
d) Scientific notation uses the metric system.

To multiply two numbers using scientific notation, you would
a) add the exponents on the powers of ten
b) subtract the exponents on the powers of ten
c) multiply the exponents on the powers of ten
d) divide the exponents on the powers of ten

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