Scientific Processing 2 Question Preview (ID: 10354)

Answer The Review Questions About Scientific Processing From Our Odyssey Lectures.

A pesticide used by a farmer begins to appear in the tissue of carnivores that live far from the farm. Which of the following is the best inference about this situation?
a) The pesticide is not effective.
b) The carnivores are not affected by the pesticide
c) The pesticide is traveling through the food chain.
d) The carnivores have been consuming some plants.

A group of scientists claim that a new type of fuel will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. To evaluate this claim you can
a) calculate the price of producing the fuel.
b) study the effect of a fuel spill on wetland ecosystems
c) determine the efficiency of the fuel in different types of engines
d) test the amount of greenhouse gases released when the fuel is burned.

A student wishes to study the effect of proper hydration on the performance of her school's track team. The dependent variable will probably be
a) The amount of water consumed by each runner
b) The amount of time it takes each runner to complete a certain event
c) The number of medals awarded to the track team during the season
d) The number of hours that each runner trained before the competition

A researcher hypothesizes that a new club can improve a person's gulf score. Which of these would most likely be the dependent variable in a study involving this golf club?
a) the number of people participating in the study
b) the golf scores of the participants in the study
c) the ages of people who golf with other types of golf clubs
d) the number of people who buy other kinds of golf clubs

When does a scientist create the conclusion?
a) before observing the data
b) after defining the hypothesis
c) while checking the data for accuracy
d) while comparing the data with the hypothesis

Hypothesis: South America and Africa were once part of the same continent. Which study would most likely be used to investigate this hypothesis?
a) comparing fossil records from Africa and South America
b) studying the behavior of animals in Africa and South America
c) tracking weather patterns between Africa and South America
d) analyzing the populations of large cities in Africa and South America

What is the purpose of the written conclusion in an experiment?
a) It speculates on future experiments.
b) It gives credit to the people involved in the experiment
c) It answers the original question that led to the hypothesis
d) It discusses lessons learned from running the procedures

If the experiment's data does not support the hypothesis, what would a scientist do next?
a) question their ability to be a scientist
b) discard the entire experiment as irrelevant
c) conclude the opposite of the hypothesis
d) ask more questions based on learning something from this experiment

How does a pie chart help form conclusions?
a) plotting all of the observations.
b) showing a constant ratio with the trend line.
c) showing how data falls into categories with the relative wedge sizes
d) showing quantity by category

On an X-Y graph, where is the dependent variable scale (the marked increments)?
a) The dependent variable scale is along the X-axis (horizontal).
b) The dependent variable scale is along the trend line.
c) The dependent variable scale is along the Y-axis (vertical).
d) The dependent variable scale is not part of an X-Y graph.

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