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What is a prediction?
a) a conclusion
b) another hypothesis
c) observed data that does not support the hypothesis
d) another proposed data point on the trend line but not observed data

What is the most precise method for recording data points during an experiment?
a) Plotting the data point of an X-Y graph.
b) Creating a pie chart for each observation.
c) Filling a table with the changed and measured data values.
d) Marking the closest point of the trend line of an X-Y graph.

An X-Y graph with plots of observations allows sketching a trend line. What does the slope of the trend line represent?
a) the rate of change in accuracy of the data.
b) the slope of the trend line has no meaning in experiments
c) how much time it will take to perform the experiment
d) the ratio of the independent variable to the dependent variable

What is the minimum number of data points an experiment should gather?
a) one
b) two
c) three
d) four

Sequential and ordered steps clearly define the procedure for an experiment. Why are experimental procedures so carefully defined?
a) Each step of the experiment required recording data.
b) The steps are necessary to create a trend line through the data points.
c) The steps help mark where an experiment can be resumed the next day.
d) The clearly defined steps allow other scientists to perform the same experiment.

Two similar sunflowers are grown side by side. Both plants receive the same amount of everything, but one plant gets more water.What is the DEPENDENT variable in the experiment?
a) Time
b) Water
c) Plant growth
d) Soil and sunlight

What is the relationship between the independent variable and the dependent variable?
a) The dependent variable affects the independent variable.
b) The independent variable affects the dependent variable.
c) Both the independent variable and the dependent variable affect each other.
d) Neither the dependent variable nor the independent variable affect each other.

An educated guess is based on past experience. How does a hypothesis express the educated guess?
a) The educated guess is not part of the hypothesis
b) The educated guess is not part of the hypothesis
c) The hypothesis mentions the educated guess as an observation
d) The hypothesis states the educated guess in the form of an if-then statement

Which of the following scientific terms has the most evidence and observations?
a) An educated guess
b) A scientific law
c) A hypothesis
d) A theory

Which representation of the observed data is best to show quantities instead of trends?
a) table
b) bar chart
c) X-Y graph trend line
d) X-Y graph plots

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