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Identify the statement that explains the difference between mixtures and compounds
a) a mixture is a chemically combined substance but a compound is not
b) a compound is a chemically combined substance, but a mixture is not
c) the substances in a mixture do not keep their original properties
d) A mixture is always the same throughout

How is a homogenous mixture different from a heterogenous mixture?
a) You can see all the different parts of a homogenous mixture
b) A homogenous mixture is the same throughout
c) the substances in a homogenous mixture do not keep their original properties
d) a homogenous mixture is formed of chemical bonds

Which statement best explains why silver nitrate is a compound?
a) silver nitrate is a colorless powder
b) silver nitrate does not chemically react with water
c) silver nitrate forms a colorless liquid when mixed with water
d) silver nitrate forms when three elements chemically combine

Which property of metals allows for us to stick pictures to the refrigerator that will not fall off?
a) malleability
b) ductility
c) magnetism
d) reactivity

What is a synthetic element?
a) an element that can only be produced in a laboratory
b) an element that only occurs in nature
c) an element that is believed to exist but has not yet been discovered
d) an element that is almost fully used up

A diatomic molecule has how many atoms of the same element?
a) 5
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

The boiling point describes the temperature at which:
a) a liquid changes to a solid
b) a solid changes to a liqiuid
c) a solid changes directly to a gas
d) a liquid changes to a gas

When marshmallows are burned, they turn black. This is an example of:
a) a chemical change
b) a physical change
c) a homogenous mixture
d) a heterogenous mixture

How is a physical change different from a chemical change?
a) a physical change results in a new substance being formed
b) A physical change can not be reversed
c) A physical change can easily be reversed
d) A physical change always results in change of color

Which factor best explains why some people will develop cancer while others will not when exposed the same high levels of a harmful chemical?
a) individual exposure
b) individual suscepitibility
c) concentration of the chemical
d) potency of the chemical

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