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Which of the following is an example of a decomposition reaction?
a) hydrogen peroxide becomes water
b) Sodium and Chlorine combine to form Table salt
c) Carbon and Copper switch places in a copper oxide reaction
d) an egg absorbing heat

The release of heat from the exhaust pipe of a car is an example of what kind of chemical reaction
a) physical change
b) exothermic
c) endothermic
d) synthesis

Which of the following is always true of reactants and products in a chemical equation?
a) the mass of the reactants will never equal the mass of the products
b) the products are what you start with, and the reactants are what you end up with
c) the reactants are what you start with and the products are what you end up with
d) the products will never form a substance different from the reactants.

How does one balance an unbalanced chemical equation?
a) by using subscripts
b) by adding new elements to the equation
c) an unbalanced chemical equation can not be balanced
d) by using coefficients

Which of the following is a sign that a chemical reaction has taken place?
a) the formation of a precipitate
b) bubbles form from the boiling of water
c) the substance changes shape
d) the texture of the substance changes

The law of conservation of mass does not apply in a chemical reaction that takes place:
a) in a closed laboratory
b) in an open container
c) in food being kept in the refrigerator
d) in the digestive system of the human body

What are the horizontal rows of the Periodic Table called?
a) groups
b) squares
c) periods
d) reactants

Which of the following is an example of an endothermic reaction?
a) an egg absorbing heat while it is being cooked
b) heat being released from the engine of a plane
c) hydrogen and oxygen combine to form water
d) the Uwharrie River turns to ice during an extremely cold winter

One way that non-metals are different from metals is that:
a) they are more useful in forming chemical reactions
b) they are poor conductors of electricity
c) all of them are gases at room temperature
d) all non-metals have the chemical properties of ductility and malleability

Which of the following would speed up the rate of a chemical reaction?
a) adding an inhibitor to increase the amount of activation energy needed
b) lowering the temperature of the area in which the reactions occurs
c) adding a catalyst to decrease the amount of activation energy needed
d) decreasing the concentration of the reactants in the chemical reaction

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