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Which of the following terms is properly matched to its definition?
a) Adduction is moving away from the body\'s midline
b) Flexion is the bending of a joint
c) Supination is moving towards the body\'s midline
d) Extension is the bending of a joint

Which of the following is NOT a proper treatment for tendonitis?
a) rest
b) anti-inflammatory medication
c) cold/heat therapy
d) excessive use of injured joint

Which of the following is NOT true of compact bone?
a) It is light and provides room for red bone marrow
b) It is dense and very strong
c) It is typically found on the outer surface of a bone
d) It contains cylindrical structures called osteons

A condition where a patient has an abnormal lateral curve of the spine is known as...
a) tendonitis
b) arthritis
c) scoliosis
d) kyphosis

Ossification is...
a) the process of joint cartilage wearing out that leads to arthritis
b) the process of bone formation
c) the act of ingesting calcium
d) the process of a bone breaking

Another name for the cheek bone is the...
a) mandibular bone
b) frontal bone
c) zygomatic bone
d) vomer

The humerus is a part of the...
a) appendicular skeleton
b) axial skeleton
c) pelvic girdle
d) physiologist's comedic act

Which of the following is true of the vertebral column?
a) It contains seven cervical vertebrae
b) It is a part of the body's appendicular skeleton
c) It is typically divided into two main sections
d) It contains ten lumbar vertebrae

A soft spot on a baby's head in between bones is known as...
a) midsaggital suture
b) fontanelle
c) cranial spot
d) parietal region

The Periosteum is...
a) connective tissue that serves as an internal covering for long bones
b) the middle shaft of a long bone that contains compact bone
c) connective tissue that serves as an external covering for long bones
d) the proximal end of a long bone that contains spongy bone

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