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Lifestyle theory focuses more on: [p. 181]
a) the lifestyle of the criminal
b) the lifestyle of society at large
c) the lifestyle of the victim
d) changes in lifestyles over time

According to the text, lifestyles are influenced by all of the following, except: [p. 181]
a) the proximity of law enforcement agents
b) social roles played by people
c) position in the social structure
d) decisions about desirable behavior

Which of the following is referred to in Chapter 12 (Rational theories) as evidence of a conservative government mood in the late 1970s and early 1980s? [p. 177]
a) all of these
b) increased defense budgets
c) lessening of restrictions on businesses
d) attempts to reduce welfare benefits

On the whole, gender theories can be described as all of the following, except: [p. 197]
a) classical
b) structural
c) conflict-oriented
d) postmodernist

Traditional male-centered approaches to studying crime are called: [p. 188]
a) androcentric
b) paternalistic
c) sexist
d) all of these

Attitudes or practices that have the effect of producing inequality between men and women are termed: [pp. 189–190]
a) sexism
b) paternalism
c) chivalry
d) all of these

Examples used in the text of Rita Simon’s female crime and opportunity structures included all of the following EXCEPT? [p. 191]
a) Martha Stewart’s insider trading
b) female drug lords in Mexico
c) The women in the Mafia
d) The women defendants of Enron

The theory that partially explains delinquency by the fact that power relationships in the workplace are reflected in the family is: [p. 193]
a) women's liberation
b) power-control
c) opportunity
d) work-role equalization

Which gender-based perspective below would attribute female crime to women’s potential threat to the sexual division of labor? [p. 196]
a) Marxist feminism
b) socialist feminism
c) women's liberation
d) radical feminism

In social learning theory, the determination of whether behavior will be deviant or conforming depends on: [p. 170]
a) differential reinforcement
b) societal reaction
c) direct conditioning
d) the availability of role models

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