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Hirschi blamed delinquency on: [p. 155]
a) broken or weakened bonds to society
b) neutralizing techniques
c) internal and external containments
d) none of these

Social Control Theories tend to be
a) all of these
b) positivist
c) microtheoretical
d) process theories

Matza called the ties that exist between the individual and the dominant values of society: [p. 153]
a) techniques of identification
b) relations of stability
c) bonds to the moral order
d) conforming mandates

Which of the following is NOT one of the techniques of neutralization: [p. 153]
a) denial of the victim
b) condemnation of the condemners
c) rejection of the implication
d) appeal to a higher loyalty

Any event that follows the occurrence of behavior and that alters and increases the frequency of the behavior is known as: [p. 166]
a) reinforcement
b) discriminative stimuli
c) modeling
d) punishment

The social learning theory of Ronald Akers is based on the assumption that: [p. 169]
a) the primary learning mechanism in social behavior is operant conditioning
b) the principle part of learning occurs within social groups that are closely allied to one’s occupati
c) behavior, once learned, is difficult to extinguish
d) none of these

Social learning theory considers _____________to be central to the learning process [p. 167]
a) modeling
b) association
c) interactive constructionism
d) material objects

All of the following are policy/program implications from rational theories EXCEPT: [p. 184]
a) midnight basketball
b) neighborhood watch
c) victim assistance
d) target hardening

Rational Choice theories developed in the midst of social events that included all of the following EXCEPT: [p. 178]
a) Anti-Immigration Protests
b) The Drug War
c) Prison Expansion Era
d) Victims' Rights Movement

The probability of crime increases when which of the following components is present: [p. 180]
a) there is a motivated offender
b) there is no suitable target
c) there is a capable guardian
d) none of these

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