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1-The study of all living things is known as
a) Life science
b) Earth science
c) Physical science
d) Living things science

Physical science is the study of
a) matter and energy
b) doing exercise
c) living things
d) the earth

The study of the atmosphere is
a) Earth science
b) Life science
c) Physical science
d) Atmosphere science

The study of plants is called
a) Botany
b) Plant-ology
c) Zoology
d) Ecology

What branch of science does chemistry belong to?
a) Physical science
b) Earth science
c) Chemical science
d) Life science

The study of animals is called
a) Zoology
b) Animal-ology
c) Ecology
d) botany

The study of rocks and minerals is
a) Earth science
b) Life science
c) Physical science
d) rock science

A scientist that studies volcanoes is called a
a) volcanologist
b) lavanologist
c) life scientist
d) physcical scientist

The branch of science that studies the speed of roller coasters is
a) Physical science
b) Life science
c) Earth science
d) amusement park science

A life scientist would study which of the following,
a) Algae
b) electricity
c) weather
d) stars and planets

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