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Which of these is NOT a main factor that affects currency exchange rates among countries?
a) balance of payments
b) economic conditions
c) trade barriers
d) political stability

The three key effects on a country's level of economic development are
a) literacy, technology, and agricultural dependency.
b) balance of trade, balance of payments, and exchange rates.
c) imports, exports, and trade barriers.
d) absolute advantage, political stability, and infrastructure

Which of the following is an example of a multinational strategy?
a) American Airlines offers flights to many different nations.
b) Ford produces, advertises and sells its trucks only in the North American market.
c) Dannon sells multiple flavors of yogurt in every nation in which it operates.
d) Reebok uses the same advertising everywhere.

Which of the following would likely cause the value of the dollar to fall?
a) higher inflation in the US
b) high US trade surplus
c) low US interest rates
d) OPEC raises its oil production, reducing the price of oil the US purchases

The amount a country owes to other countries is called
a) trade deficit
b) balance of payments
c) foreign debt
d) national debt

With a free-trade zone, participating countries agree to
a) remove duties and other trade barriers on products traded anywhere within the countries.
b) not charge money for items purchased in the zone.
c) essentially merge their economies and remove all trade barriers between them.
d) remove duties and other trade barriers on products traded within that zone.

List the methods of entering a foreign market in order of most risky to least risky.
a) licensing, joint venture, franchising
b) joint venture, franchising, licensing
c) joint venture, licensing, franchising
d) licensing, franchising, joint venture

Which of these is NOT part of the cultural influences that impact the international business environment?
a) language
b) climate
c) customs
d) values

Which of these is part of a country's infrastructure?
a) local government
b) educational system
c) utility systems
d) legal and political systems

A decrease in GDP per capita means that
a) individuals are saving enough to invest in other businesses.
b) the economy is shrinking and is likely in either recession or depression.
c) the economy is in recovery.
d) unemployment is low.

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