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In 1948, the United Nations divided the land of Palestine between Arabs and Jews. Which nation was created by its action?
a) Israel
b) Iran
c) Saudi Arabia
d) Turkey

Which of these is NOT a reason for the establishment of modern Israel?
a) the Persian Gulf War
b) the Holocaust
c) anti-Semitism
d) the Jewish religious connection to the land

In Israel, citizens elect members of the legislature, and the legislature chooses the head of government. Which type of government does Israel have?
a) constitutional monarchy
b) absolute monarchy
c) presidential democracy
d) parliamentary democracy

The leader of a parliamentary system is often called the:
a) president
b) King
c) prime minister
d) chancellor

After the breakup of the Ottoman Empire, European powers partitioned Southwest Asia (Middle East). What has been a result of the artificial boundaries they created?
a) regional peace
b) regional pollution
c) regional wealth
d) regional conflict

Why did the United States bomb and invade Afghanistan in 2001?
a) The U.S. believed the government was protecting al-Qaeda who organized the 9/11 attacks.
b) The United Nations asked the U.S. to overthrow the Taliban government of Afghanistan.
c) The U.S. was afraid that Afghanistan was working to develop nuclear weapons.
d) Afghanistan invaded the country of Israel and threatened the U.S. oil supply.

Which statement best describes developments in the Middle East since World War II?
a) Most citizens in the region have come to enjoy a high standard of living.
b) Manufacturing has become the region’s main economic activity.
c) Many countries in the region have adopted constitutions that guarantee equal rights.
d) Religion has played a major role in creating conflict in the region.

Which event began with the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in 1990?
a) the Persian Gulf War
b) the U.S. invasion of Iraq
c) the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan
d) the creation of modern Israel

What is Zionism?
a) the idea that all religious groups should have their own states
b) the hope that all governments will be based on religious principles
c) the belief that Jews deserved to return to a homeland in Israel
d) the plan to let Arabs and Jews share the land in Palestine equally

Israel and Turkey are examples of:
a) parliamentary democracies
b) presidential democracies
c) absolute monarchies
d) constitutional monarchies

Restrictions on voting rights and personal freedoms are MOST associated with:
a) Saudi Arabia
b) Turkey
c) Israel
d) Kuwait

Conflicts continue between the Israelis and the Palestinians due to :
a) the creation of Israel in 1948
b) the building of the Suez Canal in 1869
c) the formation of OPEC in 1960
d) the Persian Gulf War in 1990, 1991

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