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Absolute monarchs kept their power by doing what?
a) They didn't keep the their power, they wanted to give it away.
b) Killing everyone
c) Having people vote for them
d) Claiming divine right and keeping powerful people close to them

Why did the English Civil War happen?
a) King Charles wanted to split up the country of England
b) Parliament thought King Charles worked with them too much
c) Oliver Cromwell wanted to be king
d) King Charles tried to rule without calling (consulting/working with) Parliament

Who fought in the English Civil War?
a) Parliament/Cromwell vs. King Charles
b) King Louis XIV vs. Cromwell
c) Cromwell vs. Parliament
d) King Louix XIV vs George Washington

What was the result of the English Civil War?
a) England became an absolute monarchy
b) King Charles was killed (executed)
c) Oliver Cromwell was killed (executed)
d) No one won

How did the Glorious Revolution change England's government?
a) England became an absolute monarcy
b) England became a democracy
c) England became a limited monarchy
d) England became an anarchy

What was the main idea of the English Bill of Rights?
a) The monarch's power should be limited by Parliament
b) The monarch's power should not be limited
c) The monarch should not be in power
d) The Parliament should have all the say

What did Thomas Hobbes feel about homan nature and how government should work?
a) People are good and should be allowed to rule themselves without a leader
b) People are basically selfish and cruel so the best government is absolute monarchy
c) People are cruel and should be allowed to rule the world to make it a worse place
d) People are basically good and should vote for three people to lead the country at one time.

What did Baron de Montesquieu feel about homan nature and how government should work?
a) The government should be split into three branches to balance power
b) The king should have all the power
c) The government should be split into five branches to balance power
d) The people should be able to vote so that power is in the hands of the people only

What did John Locke feel about homan nature and how government should work?
a) The king should be the only one in charge
b) If the government doesn't protect the rights of the people, the people can overthrow it.
c) If someone does something wrong, they should be punished harshly
d) The government does not need to protect the rights of the people

Which is NOT an enlightenment idea?
a) Women are equal to men
b) People should have the opportunity to make their lives better
c) People should suffer through life and only hope for a better life in heaven
d) Freedom of speech and religion

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