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Scientist classify plants into two large groups based on how the plants
a) feel
b) look
c) reproduce
d) grow

A is a flowering plant
a) tulip
b) grass
c) fern
d) mushroom

How are mosses and ferns alike
a) frogs eat both of them
b) they reproduce by forming spores
c) they reproduce by a stamen
d) they grow in ponds

In order fo the eggs of a flower to grow they have to be combined with
a) sperm
b) pollination
c) bacon
d) spores

Pollination is the process by which pollen
a) disappears
b) moves from an ovary
c) moves from a pistil
d) moves from a stamen

A squash plant has two kinds of flowers on the same plant. Where will the seeds form?
a) in the ground
b) in the flowers with pistils
c) outside the squash
d) in the flower ovary

The makes the pollen
a) ovary
b) pistil
c) stamen
d) flower

Where is an ovule located
a) ovary
b) pistil
c) stamen
d) flower

Stored food is found in 2 seed leaves in a seed
a) monocot
b) dicot
c) tricot
d) cotton

If a seed is hard and dry, then it is
a) dead
b) fresh
c) stale
d) dormant

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