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Who was Marco Polo?
a) a religious leader
b) an author and explorer
c) a philosopher
d) a pirate

The historical period of intellectual and artistic creativity was known as
a) The Renaissance
b) Middle Ages
c) Protestant Reformation
d) Age of Reform

What Portugese prince laid the groundwork for a new era of exploration?
a) Bartholomeau Dias
b) Vasco de Gama
c) John II
d) Henry the Navigator

Who was the first Spaniard to land on the mainland of North America
a) Christopher Columbus
b) Vaso de Gama
c) Ferdinand Magellan
d) Ponce de Leon

The Explorer who landed in Mexico and conquered the Aztecs was
a) Pizzarro
b) de Gama
c) Cortes
d) Montezuma

New York was once known as
a) New Amsterdam
b) New Jersey
c) Delaware
d) New Mexico

What did the Portugese trade from their trading posts in Africa
a) ivory and gold
b) tea
c) salt
d) turquoise

Which agreement gave Spain most of North America and South America
a) line of demarcation
b) Treaty of Tordesillas
c) Protestant Reformation
d) Peace Treaty

People with Spanish and Indian Parents
a) mestizos
b) mullattos
c) portuguese
d) creoles

What is another name for a Spanish explorer?
a) peninsular
b) conquistador
c) mestizo
d) creole

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