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Someone who builds with wood
a) carpetmaker
b) merchant
c) plenty
d) carpenter

Wandering away
a) knowledge
b) straying
c) plenty
d) thread

Rug weaver or maker
a) carpetmaker
b) merchant
c) carpenter
d) knowledge

What you understand
a) plenty
b) thread
c) marketplace
d) knowledge

Shopkeeper who sells items
a) carpenter
b) merchant
c) carpetmaker
d) straying

Thin string
a) plenty
b) thread
c) knowledge
d) marketplace

Shopping area
a) marketplace
b) merchant
c) thread
d) carpetmaker

a) nothing
b) a small amount
c) a large amount
d) not enough

a) putting things in order
b) only one
c) none
d) more than one

a) character
b) order events
c) setting
d) theme

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