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How can a teacher provide evidence that an accommodation is effective
a) Accommodation Use in the Classroom log form
b) Infused Skills Grid
c) Evaluation of Accommodation Use Data Collection Sheet
d) All the Above

What chart offers information about possible types of accommodations that may help provide a student access to instruction?
a) Flow Chart
b) Universal Design diagram
c) multiplication chart
d) Glossary of Instructional Accommodations

What accommodation category would a request to use lined graph paper fall into?
a) Nonstandard
b) Standard
c) Restricted
d) Trash bin

What is ECEA?
a) federal law
b) Every Child Education Act
c) Colorado's Exceptional Children's Educational Act
d) Each Colorful Elephant Act

What is the Alternate Eligibility Worksheet to be used for?
a) scratch paper
b) determining eligibility for alternate academic achievement standards and alternate assessment
c) paper airplanes
d) lesson plan template

What is a civil rights law that provides access to individuals with a disability?
a) Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973
d) IDEA 2004

What are grade-level academic achievement standards and alternate academic achievement standards?
a) READ Act
b) UIP
c) Content Collaboratives
d) Colorado Academic Standards/Extended Evidence Outcomes CAS/EEOs

What serves as written documentation of accommodation needs?
a) teacher lesson plan book
b) formal educational plan
c) teacher notes
d) phone call log from parent

What is a listing of possible accommodations linked to specific student characteristics?
a) lunch menu
b) checklist
c) Student Characteristics Charts and Tables A-N for Specific Disability Categories
d) learner profile

What is in the Colorado Accommodations Guide for English Language Learners?
a) linguistic accommodations for English Language Learners
b) answers to CELA questions
c) translation exercises
d) maps of Colorado

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