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The study of things that happened in the past is
a) history
b) government
c) economics
d) geography

Location, region, place, movement, and interaction are
a) the 5 themes of economics
b) the 5 themes of geography
c) the 5 themese of government
d) the 5 themes of histroy

The study of countries, oceans, mountains and weather is
a) economics
b) history
c) geography
d) government

The study of the people who control what happens in a country is
a) geography
b) economics
c) history
d) government

a) share at least a common
b) people, climate and landforms
c) how humans affect the wolrd around them
d) tells where an area is

a) shares at least 1 common feature
b) is people, climate, landforms, or plants
c) moving from place to place
d) how human affects the world around us

a) tells where an area is
b) common features
c) 5 themes of geography
d) is a description of the physical and human characteristic of the area

a) how humans affect the world
b) when you study how people, things and ideas move from place to place
c) where something is
d) common features

a) how humans affect the world around us
b) where something is
c) common feature
d) how things move from place to place

Social Studies
a) is history, geography, economics, and government
b) is a group of people in the same country with the same customs
c) is the study oceans, mountains, countries, and weather
d) is the people who control what happens in a country

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