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How does the angel react to his visitors?
a) He yells at them in a language they cannot understand.
b) He shows them how to fly.
c) He asks them for mothballs.
d) He ignores them.

What details about Pelayo and Elisenda hint that they care about the angel?
a) They let him sleep in the shed when the chicken coop fell down.
b) They let him have visitors.
c) They took him to see the spiderwoman so they can compare experiences.
d) They let him take care of the baby.

What happened at the end of the story?
a) The townspeople discovered that they were all really angels.
b) The angel died.
c) The angel flew away.
d) The townspeople discovered that the angel was really a man.

Why was the angel in Pelayo and Elisenda\'s backyard?
a) He was looking for shelter from the rainstorm.
b) He fell out of the sky.
c) He was shipwrecked.
d) He was kicked out of heaven.

WHy is the spider lady more interesting to the people than the angel?
a) The spider lady is a miracle healer.
b) The spider lady spins a web.
c) The spider lady openly shares her story.
d) The spider lady can predict the future.

What happened in December, after the child started school?
a) The angel turned into a spider.
b) The angel\'s wings fell off, and he became human.
c) The child died.
d) The angel\'s feathers bega to grow back.

Which of the following is an aspect of the story that is consistent with the genre of magic realism?
a) An angel lands in an ordinary town full of ordinary people.
b) The angel looks exactly the way the townspeople think an angel should look.
c) An angel lands in a magical place.
d) The angel remains in the spiritual world and never interacts with human beings.

What is ironic about the angel\'s appearance?
a) He looks like the angels in the wise neighbor lady\'s picture book.
b) His wings are smaller than the people expected.
c) He wears a long robe.
d) His wings are caked in mud, and his clothing is filthy.

Which of the following events in the story is an example of situational irony?
a) During the rainy season, Pelayo\'s courtyard was wet and smelled like dead crabs.
b) The appearance of the angel was upstaged by the arrival of a carnival act.
c) The child survived and eventually went to school.
d) They let the angel sleep in the shed when the chicken coop fell down.

Which element of the story is realistic in style?
a) The angel\'s speaking with the voice of a Norwegian fisherman.
b) Marking an angel with a branding iron.
c) A Portuguese man who couldn\'t sleep because of noise coming from the stars.
d) The baby growing up and starting to go to school.

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