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Which of these things is not needed in order for a seed to grow a plant?
a) Right Temperature
b) Soil
c) Air
d) Carbon Dioxide

All living things depend upon what for food?
a) water
b) plants
c) mold
d) food

True or False: Penicillin is a helpful medicine produced by a spore plant
a) True
b) False

Before a new plant can grow from a seed, what must die?
a) roots
b) photosynthesis
c) seed coat
d) cutting

The process in which carbon dioxide, water, chlorophyhll and sunlight form glucose in green plants.
a) pollination
b) cutting
c) penicillin
d) photosynthesis

The piece of a plant cut away from the stem of that plant for the purpose of rooting is...
a) seed coat
b) cutting
c) minerals
d) pollination

Plants give off which gas that people and animals need in order to live.
a) oxygen
b) carbondioxide
c) hydrogen
d) nitrogen

The green material in plants
a) moss
b) spores
c) chlorophyll
d) penicillin

The process of carrying pollen from one flower to another is....
a) photosynthesis
b) pollination
c) penicillin
d) life cycle

Which of these is not a main part of a seed
a) the seed coat
b) the young plant
c) Food for the young plant
d) pizza :)

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