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5 grams of X reacts with 10 grams of y and there you have it 15 grams of chemical XY
a) physical change
b) law of conservation
c) halogen
d) isotope

How does one find the atomic mass of an element?
a) Look at the atomic number
b) Add the protons and the neutrons
c) by finding its periodic group
d) by checking to see if the element is a good conductor of electricity

Which is a sign that a chemical reaction has occurred?
a) the substance is cut in half
b) the substance dissolves in water
c) steam rises into the air
d) the formation of a precipitate

Which is an example of a physical change?
a) burning
b) boiling
c) rotting
d) rusting

Which element is a poor conductor of heat
a) F
b) K
c) Fe
d) Ag

What pure substance is composed of more than one element?
a) carbon
b) gold
c) water
d) sodium

Look here on the periodic table and you will find elements with similar properties
a) periodic groups
b) periods
c) electrons
d) protons

What property of aluminum allows it to be rolled into thin sheets?
a) it is ductile
b) it is soluble.
c) it is a good conductor of electricity
d) it is malleable.

If this element did not exist, you would not be able to talk on your cellphone or play video games on the computer
a) Neon
b) iodine
c) silicon
d) Sodium

Yes Indeed! Elements may trade places with one another in chemical reactions
a) synthesis
b) decomposition
c) physical change
d) replacement

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