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Come on now. Step on the gas! Get the fuel burning in that engine so that you can cruise right on down the road.
a) endothermic reaction
b) chemical changes
c) physical change
d) exothermic reaction

Without these elements, we would not enjoy any of our salt compounds.
a) noble gases
b) metalloids
c) halogens
d) alloys

When you cook an egg, the yolk of the egg absorbs all the heat.
a) exothermic reaction
b) replacement
c) endothermic reaction
d) synthesis

Wait! This bottle was full of hydrogen peroxide! How did it become water?
a) decomposition
b) synthesis
c) replacement
d) endothermic reaction

Just look along the zigzag line of the Periodic Table and you will find elements with properties of metals and non-metals.
a) noble gases
b) metalloids
c) precipitate
d) halogens

Look at this solid substance that magically appeared when I was mixing these two clear liquids. Am I a magician or what?
a) metalloids
b) precipitate
c) decomposition
d) replacement

Of course! Simple elements do combine to form complex substances.
a) replacement
b) decomposition
c) law of conservation
d) synthesis

Wow! What a pretty neon sign!
a) halogens
b) metalloids
c) noble gases
d) alloys

BRRRRRR!!!! It's freezing cold out here! No wonder the water has turned to ice.
a) chemical change
b) physical change
c) endothermic reaction
d) exothermic reaction

What's up with this banana? It was yellow just a couple of day ago. How did it become black?
a) physical change
b) chemical change
c) endothermic reaction
d) exothermic reaction

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