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Review On Fossils And Relative Dating For Geologic Time. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

This type of fossil shows activities of an organism. They can include footprints, poop, trails, or burrows.
a) Trace
b) molds
c) casts
d) preserved remains

This type of fossil is an exact copy of an organism that is formed when sediment fills in a mold.
a) trace fossil
b) permineralized remain
c) cast
d) preserved fossil

What kind of rock do fossils most often form in?
a) sedimentary
b) igneous
c) metamorphic
d) none of the above

a big trapped in amber, a mammoth frozen in ice, a dinosaur stuck in tar are all examples of .....
a) trace fossils
b) preserved remains
c) permineralized or petrified remains
d) molds and casts

In undisturbed sedimentary rock layers, where are your oldest fossils normally found?
a) on the top layer
b) on the bottom layer
c) in the middle of the structure
d) you cannot tell

The type of rock formed deep below the ground from intense heat and pressure:
a) sedimentary
b) igneous
c) mineral
d) metamorphic

Which body parts would most often form a fossil?
a) bone, teeth, shells
b) skin
c) eyeball
d) none of these

An imprint of a leaf left behind on a rock is most likely because of what gas?
a) nitrogen
b) oxygen
c) carbon
d) none of these

What can fossils tell you about the surface of the earth?
a) what the climate was like and what animals lived during certain time periods
b) how the earth was formed
c) fossils can't really tell you anything since they are no longer living
d) all of the above

What is an ancient bug looking fossil that scientist used as an indext fossil to determine the age of the earth?
a) megosaurus
b) trilobite
c) horse fossil
d) none

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