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The atmosphere is made up of ...
a) rainbows, sunlight, and clouds
b) sun rays
c) helium, phosphate, and chloride
d) oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, water vapor and other gases

How much of the Earth's water is made up of oceans?
a) 2/100
b) 1/100
c) 97/100
d) 50/100

Water freezes at what temperature?
a) 0* C
b) 212* F
c) 32* C
d) 100* C

On a weather map, what do red half circles and blue triangles represent?
a) air pressure systems
b) hot and cold temperatures
c) cloud cover
d) fronts and how they are moving

Water boils at what temperature?
a) 0* F
b) 212* F
c) 32* F
d) 0* C

What is the Sun's role int the water cycle?
a) It doesn't play a role, only in the temperature.
b) The sun will change water from a gas to a liquid.
c) Water evaporates in the Sun's warmth.
d) The sun creates clouds.

What happens when moist air rises?
a) The moist air cools, and the water vapor condenses into clouds.
b) It will warm and evaporate into no air.
c) The moist air doubles and creates more water.
d) The moist air will create heat.

Why is the Baltic Sea less salty than other seas?
a) Desserts are all around it.
b) It has a big current.
c) Many rivers flow into the Baltic Sea
d) It is very cold.

How is the air at the top of the mountain different from the air at the base of the mountain?
a) Air has more mass at the mountain top.
b) Air has no density.
c) Air has more pressure at the mountain top
d) Air pressure is lower at the top of the mountain.

What is humidity?
a) how are bodies get rid of water
b) the amount of water in the air
c) rising and falling air pressure
d) air pressure

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