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Someone who has confidence and is secure in their abilities.
a) Self-Confident
b) Assertive
c) Sociable
d) Persuasive

Someone who is self-confident and strong willed, though sometimes domineering or pushy.
a) Assertive
b) Methodical
c) Accurate
d) Well-groomed

Someone or a group of people who are friendly, welcoming and ready for activities.
a) Sociable
b) Assertive
c) Persuasive
d) Accurate

Someone or something with the power to convince.
a) Persuasive
b) Assertive
c) Sociable
d) Efficient

Having great excitement or interest in something.
a) Enthusiastic
b) Persuasive
c) Methodical
d) Efficient

Someone or something with a neat, tidy and pleasing appearance.
a) Well-groomed
b) Accurate
c) Persuasive
d) Efficient

Free from any errors.
a) Accurate
b) Efficient
c) Methodical
d) Assertive

A person who pays very careful attention to detail and who does things in a precise manner.
a) Methodical
b) Conscientious
c) Efficient
d) Enthusiastic

Acting in a way that is very thorough and careful
a) Conscientious
b) Efficient
c) Enthusiastic
d) Sociable

Being productive with minimal effort.
a) Efficient
b) Accurate
c) Methodical
d) Conscientious

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