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The genetic material that all living things have is
a) Cytoplasm
b) Asexual
c) DNA
d) Prokaryote

Which is true about a dependent variable in an experiment?
a) It is the part that gets measured.
b) It is not affevted by the independent variable.
c) It never changes during the experiment.
d) It is manipulated by the scientist.

All the chemical process used to build up or break down materials are called an organism\'s
a) Metabolism
b) Stimuli
c) Adaptations
d) Homeostasis

When scientists are evaluating results as part of scientific thinking, they mainly
a) Explain data they collected and analyzed
b) Use statistics to analyze their data.
c) Examine prior research on a topic.
d) Collect data from other scientists.

What is the name given for genetic changes in living things over time?
a) Adaptation
b) Negative Feedback
c) Evolution
d) Homeostatis

Scientists use observations and data to form and test
a) Constants
b) Conclusions
c) Theories
d) Hypotheses

Which of the following is an important characteristic of a scientific theory?
a) Proven by more than one scientist
b) Supported by much evidence
c) Accepted by the public
d) Unchanged by new evidence

In an experiment, the condition that is manipulated by the scientist is the
a) independent variable
b) control condition
c) constant
d) dependent variable

Which word best describes a scientific hypothesis?
a) Provable
b) Quantifiable
c) Testable
d) Theoretical

The term biosphere refers to the parts of Earth that contain
a) Freshwater environments
b) Greater biodiversity
c) Land Masses
d) Living things

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