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What equipment is essential to ensure a fire is put out safely in a lab?
a) Water Extinguisher, Heat Resistant Gloves, Blanket
b) Water Extinguisher, Eye Shower, Fire Blanket
c) Fire Extinguisher, Eye Shower, Fire Blanket
d) Fire Extinguisher, Heat Resistant Gloves, Fire Blanket

What equipment is essential to protect someone from and to clean up broken glass pieces?
a) Broken Glass Deposit Box, Broom, Dustpan, Caution Signs
b) Broom, Dustpan
c) Broken Glass Deposit Box
d) Vacuum Cleaner

What piece of lab equipment must be tared to ensure it is used properly?
a) Graduated Cylinder
b) Test Tubes
c) Balance
d) Apron and Goggles

Meter sticks, when properly used, measure objects using the following units, EXCEPT
a) Meters
b) Kilometers
c) Centimeters
d) Millimeters

Lab aprons and goggles are properly used when:
a) Goggles are on top of your head and apron is on your chair.
b) Goggles completely cover both eyes and apron is on your chair.
c) Goggles completely cover both eyes and apron is neatly put away.
d) Goggles completely cover both eyes and apron covers the front of your body.

When using a beaker or test tubes that are hot, two items to use as well are:
a) Gloves and tongs
b) Gloves and ice cubes
c) Tongs and balance
d) Tongs and meter stick

To ensure a ring stand is properly used, make sure:
a) it has a bunsen burner is nearby.
b) the ring at the top is fastened tightly to ensure nothing drops.
c) the ring stand is near a balance.
d) the ring stand police monitor all activity with the ring stand.

Since beakers and graduated cylinders are made of glass and easily break, it is important to:
a) secure with tongs if hot, or with both hands if at room temperature.
b) never touch them for fear of breaking something.
c) hide the beakers and graduated cylinders from teachers and students.
d) only use plastic models to avoid breakage.

If you are conducting an experiment, and you see a tasty sandwich nearby, you should:
a) eat the entire sandwich before someone else can take it.
b) heat the sandwich using a bunsen burner to make the cheese melt.
c) remove the sandwich from the lab area; there should never be food near an experiment.
d) share the sandwich with lab partners--after all, sharing is caring.

If a fire begins, you should begin by:
a) letting your teacher know.
b) throwing water at it.
c) getting the smores ready.
d) grabbing a fire blanket.

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