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The ELATED children jumped up and down on dad's lap.
a) sad
b) hungry
c) excited
d) disappointed

Tim is a CAPABLE reader. He is very good at it.
a) beginning
b) successful
c) awful
d) clumsy

She joined her team as a NOVICE because she was new to the game.
a) beginner
b) center
c) average
d) expert

The OBEDIENT student always followed the school rules.
a) usually defiant
b) troublemaker
c) does what he/she is asked to do
d) rude

The first reviews of the movie were FAVORABLE. Many people attended and enjoyed the movie.
a) negative
b) clear
c) positve
d) uncertain

Her quiet, TIMID ways kept her from sharing answers with the class.
a) shy
b) cruel
c) serious
d) kind

Grandpa was PENALIZED for parking in a "no parking" zone and was given a ticket.
a) informed
b) crooked
c) arrested
d) fined

The girl knew the lake was TEEMING with bass. She could see many of them from her boat.
a) full of
b) missing
c) few
d) empty

It was hard to listen to Mr. Garr speak because he DRONED on and on just like a buzzer that wouldn't stop buzzing!
a) quietly
b) exciting
c) unkind
d) same tone

The FRIGID air took his bearth away as he stepped out into the first snow of the season.
a) warm
b) cold
c) sticky
d) thick

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