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The Judiciary Act of 1789 established
a) The Supreme Court and 16 lower Federal Courts
b) The food Court in Hanes Mall, Winston-Salem
c) The Supreme court with 5 Justices
d) John Jay as the Chief Justice

The Alien and Sedition Acts were occurred during the
a) Hamilton Administration
b) The Adams Administration
c) The Jefferson Administration
d) Washington Administration

Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton had different views on all of the following except
a) Whether America should be an agrarian or commercial
b) the amount of power the federal government should have
c) their belief in the power of the Constitution
d) the tariff policy of the US

How are the initial suffrage requirements of the young United States best summarized?
a) Only makes could vote
b) Only white males could vote
c) Only Northern white males owning property could vote
d) Only white males owning property could vote

Which of the following was not part of Hamilton's Plan?
a) Establish the national bank
b) Stabilizing the nation's currency
c) Borrowing from Great Britain
d) Establishing taxes and tariffs to generate federal revenue

Which best explains the impact of Eli Whitney's cotton gin on slavery?
a) It made harvesting cotton easier, so many slaves were set free
b) Many slaves were trained to operate the new invention
c) Many slaves were killed or injured working with the cotton gin
d) It created a cotton boom and increased the need for slaves

Which best describes George Washington's response to the Whiskey Rebellion of 1794?
a) He gave in to the demands of the rebels
b) He sent federal troops to put down the rebellion
c) he ordered the rebels executed
d) He negotiaited a peace treaty with the rebels

Adams packed the federal courts with federalist judges before he left office. This was known as
a) Midnight judges
b) Supreme Court judges
c) Judge Joe Brown
d) A precedent

Which answer best expresses the significance of the Whiskey rebellion?
a) It protested excise taxes
b) It let the people express their grievances
c) It showed that rebellion would not work
d) It forced the federal government to assert its authority over the states

How would the Alien Acts most apply today?
a) They would end all imigration
b) They would be used to fight terrorism
c) They would allow unlimited immigration from Mexico
d) They would create harsher penalties for illegal immigrants

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