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What does the term ab mean?
a) against
b) away,apart
c) around
d) able

What does the term hyper mean?
a) above,over
b) below, under
c) within
d) inside

What does the term iso mean?
a) apart
b) large
c) egg
d) equal

What does the term neo mean?
a) old
b) new
c) straight
d) near

What does the term oo mean?
a) heart
b) egg
c) head
d) plant

What does the term poly mean?
a) many
b) some
c) just a little
d) huge

What does the term path mean?
a) swelling
b) nerve
c) disease
d) kidney

What does the term tomy mean?
a) under
b) body
c) thick
d) to cut

What does the term org mean?
a) living
b) life
c) single
d) new

What does the term mal mean?
a) bad
b) good
c) refering
d) ugly

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