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Which is NOT a characteristic of a mineral?
a) man-made
b) inorganic
c) showing crystal form
d) solid

A mineral is...
a) naturally occuring, inorganic, solid, definite chemical composition, and crystalline structure
b) naturally occuring, organic, solid, definite chemical composition and crystalline structure
c) naturally occuring, organic, color, luster, and streak
d) naturally occuring, organic, luster, and streak

A mineral is made up of one or more...
a) elements
b) rocks
c) mixtures
d) compounds

When geologists say that a mineral always contains certain elements in definite proportions, they mean that the mineral
a) has a fixed chemical composition.
b) has no crystal structure.
c) is a solid.
d) is a rock-forming mineral.

In a mineral, the particles lines up in a repeating pattern to form a(n) ___.
a) crystal
b) element
c) compound
d) mixture

A mineral must be inorganic, which means that it contains...
a) no materials that were once part of living things.
b) parts of living things.
c) compunds.
d) materials made by humans.

Safety is the responsibility of ____________.
a) Everyone
b) Only the students
c) Only the teacher
d) The principal

When scientists put things into categories or group together items that are alike in some way, they are..
a) classifying.
b) inferring.
c) communicating.
d) predicting.

The term inorganic means....
a) something that was never alive
b) something that once was alive
c) something from the earth
d) something that is man made

Which is an example of a mineral?
a) Diamond
b) bone
c) water
d) oxygen

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