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When you do not have enough water and plants cannot grow due to lack of rainfall you have a
a) family
b) drought
c) subway
d) famine

When the government says everything that must be done in a nation's economy they have a
a) market economy
b) famine
c) drought
d) command economy

When you have many cultures all together in one place, it is called
a) multicultural
b) acculturation
c) markets
d) commands

When man controls the animals and plants around him, this is
a) division
b) multiplication
c) domestication
d) divilization

To farm enough only for your family to eat
a) commercial agriculture
b) subsistence agriculture
c) hunting
d) refugees

To look at someone and see the physical characteristics they have will tell you their
a) ethnic group
b) migration
c) race
d) country

The manufacturing that is done in a nation
a) GDP
b) GNP
c) ABP
d) CAP

The person who EXITS a country is called an
a) exit
b) emigrant
c) emerald
d) nomad

When a person comes INTO another country they are called an
a) immigrant
b) image
c) individual
d) returned

The number of people who can read and write is the
a) death rate
b) baby showers
c) literacy rate
d) refugee

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