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Shows open programs.
a) Task Bar
b) Zoom Slide
c) Scroll Bar
d) Title Bar

Allows you to increase or decrease the amount of the document you see on the screen.
a) View Shortcuts
b) Zoom Slide
c) Tab
d) Document

This is what you are typing/what will print out.
a) Ribbon
b) Screen Split View
c) Document
d) Title Bar

Gives you an idea where you are on the page.
a) Rulers
b) First Line Indent
c) Changing Indent
d) View Shortcuts

These 5 buttons allow you to change the way you view your document on the screen.
a) Task Bar
b) Quick Launch Bar
c) View Shortcuts
d) Tab

Allows you to view or hide the rulers.
a) Office Button
b) Tab Selector Button
c) First Line Indent
d) View Ruler Button

Arrow in the button right hand corner of some groups. When clicked, it will bring up a dialog box where additional options or changes can be entered.
a) Quick Access Toolbar
b) Quick Launch Bar
c) First Line Indent
d) Tab Selector Button

Sets the right margin.
a) Right Indent
b) Double spaced document
c) Alignment Button
d) Single spaced document.

A triangle that controls where the first line of a paragraph begins. This is not setting tabs.
a) Indent Button
b) First Line Indent
c) Title Bar
d) Center Alignment Button

The opposite of a first line indent.
a) Hanging Indent
b) Left Indent
c) Wrap Text Indent
d) Left Alignment

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