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What is the SI (metric) unit of measure for mass?
a) gram
b) liter
c) meter
d) Celcius

What is the SI (metric) unit of measure for length?
a) gram
b) liter
c) meter
d) Celcius

What is the SI (metric) unit of measure of volume?
a) gram
b) liter
c) meter
d) Celcius

What instrument do we use to measure mass?
a) triple beam balance
b) graduated cylinder
c) thermometer
d) metric ruler

What instrument do we use to measure volume?
a) metric ruler
b) graduated cylinder or beaker
c) thermometer
d) triple beam balance

Approved eye protection, such as goggles, are worn in the laborator
a) to avoid eye strain.
b) to improve your vision.
c) only if you do not have glasses.
d) any time chemicals, heat or glassware are used.

If you do not understand a direction or part of a laboratory procedure, you should
a) figure it out as you do the lab.
b) try several methods until something works.
c) reread the directions, ask your partner/group to explain, then ask the teacher
d) skip it and go to the next part.

The following activity is permitted in the laboratory
a) chewing gum
b) eating
c) drinking
d) none of these are allowed

Before you leave the science room, you should
a) clean your work area and equipment
b) return all equipment to the proper storage area.
c) turn in your lab activity sheet completely answered
d) all of these should be done

When you finish working with chemicals, live or preserved organisms and other lab substances, always ____.
a) treat your hands with skin lotion
b) wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.
c) wipe your hands on a towel
d) wipe your hands on your clothes.

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