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when performing experiments one should not
a) experiment on their own
b) follow directions
c) reread directions
d) ask the teacher if unsure

Where should one pour acids and bases when working with them
a) over sink
b) over the work bench
c) over someone else
d) over your body

When heating liquids you should not
a) wear safety goggles
b) wear lab coat and apron
c) point test tube away from yourself and others
d) heat closed containers

how should you leave your work area
a) cluttered
b) clean and put away all material
c) messy
d) littered

How much of a chemical should you use
a) only what you need
b) double the amount
c) it doesnt matter how much
d) wing it

One should use these to handle hot containers
a) clamps
b) tongs
c) bare hands
d) clamps or tongs

Pratical jokes in the lab
a) are always funny
b) are a fun way to learn
c) will improve your facebook status
d) are never permitted

if glassware is chipped or broken
a) use it
b) dont tell anyone
c) notify your teacher immediately
d) bag it

long hair
a) is beautiful
b) should be tied back
c) can make ones day
d) is disgusting

When detecing an odor one should
a) gently wave hand over the substance
b) inhale as deep and hard as you can
c) snort the gas
d) place in a confined area and breath hard

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