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When diluting an acid, always pour
a) water into acid
b) water into the base
c) base into water
d) acid into water

When inserting glass tubing into a rubber stopper
a) use a turning motion
b) use lubricant and use a turning motion
c) force the tubing into the stopper
d) apply a lubricant

Always point a test tube that is being heated
a) away from you and toward others
b) none of these
c) toward you and others
d) toward you and away from others

To protect glassware from the flame
a) use a wire or asbestos screen
b) none of these
c) place directly over flame
d) immerse the glassware in water

When working with chemicals and burners, always wear
a) safety goggles
b) none of these
c) both apron and goggles
d) laboratory coat or apron

To test for the odor of fumes
a) inhale the fumes directly
b) heat the substance before smelling it
c) take a deep breathe and inhale
d) gently wave the fumes toward your nose

When using scalpels or razor blades, cut the material
a) away from you
b) toward you
c) at a right angle
d) in your hand

To dispose of all chemicals
a) follow the instructions of the teacher
b) throw them in the trash
c) burn them in a burner
d) flush them down the sink

You should know the location of the safety equiopment in the lab and
a) where it is produced
b) use it once a week
c) use it twice a year
d) how to use it properly

After cutting glass tubing, always fire polish the ends
a) to remove impurities
b) for easier insertion into stoppers
c) to remove sharp edges
d) then place in cold water

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