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Why was Julian afraid to be Glorias' friend?
a) She was African American
b) She was a girl and he thought people would make fun of him
c) She came from a different country
d) She was too young

Wherer was Gloria from?
a) Chicago
b) New York
c) Newport
d) Kansas

What did Gloria do when Julian did a cartwheel?
a) Tell him that it takes practice
b) made fun of him
c) taught him how to do it right
d) ignored him

What did Julian show Gloria that she did not have in Newport?
a) Planes
b) birds nest
c) trees
d) cars

What did Gloria and Julian have for a snack?
a) pie
b) milk
c) Koolaid
d) cheese

What did noth Gloria and Julian wish for?
a) a new toy
b) that Gloria lived there for a long time
c) a kite
d) a puppy

What did they decide to make together?
a) kite
b) lemonade stand
c) garden
d) dollhouse

What did Julian and Gloria put on the end of their kite?
a) ribbon
b) beads
c) strips of paper
d) bows

What were on the strips of paper on the kite?
a) paint
b) stickers
c) money
d) Their wishes

Why did they put their wishes on the kite?
a) If they blew off the wishes would come true
b) to ask for help because they were in trouble
c) so they could fly
d) so they could be best friends

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