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What does collection mean?
a) to go out to dinner
b) to have an assortment of similar things gathered together to study and show others
c) to keep many things for no reason
d) to have a whole bunch of stuff together that is different

What is lonely?
a) To be happy and around alot of people
b) to be in a classroom with other students
c) to be sad from being alone
d) to be angry

Probably means
a) I will definitely do something
b) It will most likely happen
c) It will definitely not happen
d) It is not true

seriously means
a) thoughtfully sincere
b) angry
c) silly
d) sad

stiff means
a) soft
b) bendable
c) not easily bent and flexible
d) round

tease means
a) to be nice to someone
b) to run in circles
c) to annoy continuosly
d) to eat

Where is Gloria from?
a) colorado
b) newport
c) canada
d) new york

What did Gloria do when Julian tried to do a cartwheel?
a) she said it takes practice
b) she laughed at her
c) she taught her how to do it right
d) she told her to go home

Why was Julian scared to be friends with Gloria?
a) He thought she was a bully
b) She was a girl and he thought people would make fun of him
c) He did not like her parents
d) He thought she would be mean

What project did they make?
a) a kite
b) a pie
c) a picture
d) a lemonade stand

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