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Where do you live?
a) 5111 Red Oak Lane
b) 5110 Red Oak Lane
c) 5101 Robinwood
d) 6111 Red Bird Lane

What is your street name?
a) Rural
b) Red Fern
c) Red Oak
d) Regent

How old are you?
a) 5
b) 4
c) 2
d) 6

When was you born?
a) July
b) June
c) January
d) August

What State do you live in?
a) Ohio
b) Tennessee
c) Florida
d) Kentucky

What is your last name?
a) Brown
b) Yellow
c) Blue
d) Green

What letter comes after A?
a) C
b) D
c) F
d) B

What letter comes after B?
a) K
b) C
c) L
d) O

What letter comes after C?
a) Y
b) R
c) W
d) D

What letter comes after D?
a) F
b) H
c) E
d) A

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