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What Mac OS X troubleshooting tool would you use to verify and repair disk permissions?
a) Disk Image
b) Disk Permissions
c) Disk Utility
d) Disk Directory

What is the name of our General Manager at APAC Tucson-West, Apple project?
a) Jacob Vigil
b) Carlin Cheeseman
c) Carlin Brooks
d) Steve Cheeseman

What is the definition of a Standard User?
a) Can only make changes to its own user, not others
b) Most limited user
c) Parental restrictions
d) Is able to make system-wide changes and restrict other users

What national holiday is quickly approaching?
a) Trainer Day Off - a day where the trainer is off and y'all teach yourselves
b) Trainer Bonus Day - fill the trainers tip jar with $5, $10, etc.
c) Trainer Appreciation Day - a day where you bring your trainer pizza...(from you know where)
d) Labor Day

How do you obtain the IP address for Windows XP computer enabled on a home network?
a) start > run > cmd > ipaddress
b) start > run > cmd > all
c) start > run > cmd > ipconfig/all
d) start > run > cmd > xp

Who keeps texting in class even though cell phones are not allowed in the room?
a) Corina...don\'t think I can\'t see what you\'re durin\' gurl! ;)
b) Well I never...
c) My Lanta, who would be so cray, cray?!!
d) Who\'s texing in class?!!

What would you use to remove iTunes in Windows 7?
a) Add and Remove Programs
b) Safe Hardware Removal
c) Program Manager
d) Programs and Features

Who is ready to go home and call it a day?
a) ME!!
b) Shoot...I wish training was 7 days a week.
c) Are you kidding, the party is just getting started!
d) No way Jose, I can work a double shift today if I had too!

In Windows 7, what is another name for the AppData folder?
a) Program Data
b) Applied Data
c) Application Data
d) Data and Applications

What is todays weather forcast?
a) Sunny and hot with a high of 114 degrees
b) Partly cloudy with a 30% chance of thunderstorms
c) Snowfall with chance of blizzards
d) Foggy with low visibility

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