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What is exotropia?
a) eyes looking outward
b) eyes not focusing
c) eyes looking inward
d) one or two eyes looking upward

Options for testing vision worse than 20/400 all except:
a) count fingers
b) applying corrective eyewear until patient can see
c) perception of hand movement
d) light perception

What does 20/40 vision mean?
a) eye can see a letter 20 cm tall at 40 feet away
b) eye can see a letter 20 feet away which is 40 cm
c) test distance 20 feet, eye can see the letters at 40 feet
d) eye can see the letters at 20 feet, test distance 40 feet

Distance fixation is
a) focusing on an object 10 feet away
b) monitoring eye teaming 6-9 feet away
c) monitoring eye teaming 10 feet away
d) focusing on an object 6-9 feet away

which of the following should an eye exam include
a) biometric scan of eye
b) EKG
c) family history
d) otoscope exam

What is not a limitation to vision screening?
a) may only test distance vision
b) limited testing equipment
c) can delay treatment
d) it is a cost effective way to check for problems

What is preference of the right eye?
a) prefering to wink with the right eye
b) using the right eye more than the left
c) using the left eye more than the right
d) prefering to cover or close the right eye

Horizontal and vertical tracking test
a) focusing
b) tracking and focus
c) eye teaming and tracking
d) tracking of each eye separately

Near fixation is
a) focusing on an object 8-18 inches away
b) checking peripheral vision 8-18 inches away
c) focusing on an object less than 8 inches away
d) checking pupil reaction 8-18 inches away

What options are used for children who can't read letters?
a) Shape chart
b) wait until they can read
c) hand movement
d) counting fingers

a) inability to see close up due to aging
b) inability to see distance
c) inability to see colors
d) inability to see up close in all age groups

a) inability to see close in any age group
b) inability to see up close in aging population
c) inability to see distance
d) inability to see only Mrs. Crozier

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