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Which of the following is NOT a system port?
a) USB
b) DVI
c) eSATA

Found in a variety of form factors (sizes, etc), they can be attached to your motherboard, allowing you to connect more devices (hardware) to your computer.
a) north bridge
b) expansion cards
c) memory slots
d) device sockets

What is plugged into a CPU socket?
a) Riser Card
b) Microprocessor Chip
c) Graphics Card
d) Heat Sink

When a computer is turned on it must POST. What does the acronym POST stand for?
a) Power On System Test
b) Pre Operating System Test
c) Power On Self Test
d) Power On Startup Test

A hard drive is a type of:
a) Primary Storage
b) Volatile Memory
c) CPU Buffer
d) Secondary Storage

What is considered to be the BRAINS of the computer?
a) OS
c) RAM
d) CPU

Which is NOT used to disburse heat away from the CPU?
a) system unit fan
b) CPU fan
c) ZIF socket
d) heat sink

RAM (Random Access Memory) is considered which type of storage:
a) Secondary non-volatile storage.
b) Motherboard
c) Primary volatile storage.
d) Modular

Which of the following is a chip on the motherboard that stores hardware configurations?
a) ROM
b) CPU
c) RAM
d) ALU

The Power Supply's main function is:
a) Transferring data across the many parts in the computer.
b) Booting the computer.
c) To protect your computer from power surges.
d) Converting power from alternating current to direct current.

The central connection point inside the computer where all hardware connects is:
a) North Bridge
b) Motherboard
c) Power Supply
d) CPU (Central Processing Unit)

This port is used to connect Internet cable to.
a) PCI-e
b) NIC
d) AGP

Often used to connect printer, keyboard, mouse, MP3 player to your computer.
a) Network Interface Card
b) eSATA connector
c) USB Connector
d) PCI-e slots

Allows the BIOS settings to be saved every time you turn off your computer.
a) RAM chips
b) ATX Power Connector
c) ROM Chips
d) CMOS Battery

Newer hard drives and DVD drives use this type of interface connection.
d) PCI-e

Responsible for booting the computer with a basic set of instructions.
a) BIOS Chip
b) North Bridge
c) South Bridge
d) CPU Socket

Contains a ZIF lever and allows a CPU to be seated firmly.
a) CPU Heat Sink
b) Expansion slot
c) ATX Power Connector
d) CPU Socket

Covered by a heat sink, this parts job is to allow the CPU to access memory in the computer rapidly by memory addresses.
a) South Bridge
b) CPU Socket
c) North Bridge
d) RAM Socket

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